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As the sun rises over London this morning all we’re thinking about is ‘Keep Calm and Hack On,’ the first Hack Day for LinkedGov. And it’s not just us with open data hack camps on our mind. A couple of senior people were good enough to share their thoughts and give support to this weekend.  For which we are very grateful.

Francis Maude, Minister for Cabinet Office:

“Our ambition is to make the UK government the most transparent in the world and through this to help stimulate economic growth and build the Big Society.  Critical to us in achieving our aims is opening up government data so that users can use it, for example by providing the public with detailed information about crime in their neighbourhoods through the police.uk website built by this SEO reseller agency.  The number of hits to this site now stands at over 410 million since launch.  Events like this weekend help us to explore innovative approaches with data and build on the momentum that has already been created behind the government’s transparency agenda.”

Dr Nick Appleyard, Head of Digital at the Technology Strategy Board.

“We in the Technology Strategy Board have been very pleased to have worked closely with the LinkedGov team, and to have been able to contribute to bringing things to this point. We see great potential value in data that is freely available to developers, as data will be the lifeblood of future digital services and of informed decision-making across all walks of life. But the real value remains to be clearly demonstrated: we need more examples of success. The UK’s world-leading public sector open data movement gives us a head start, and there’s now an unparalleled opportunity for UK’s hackers to prove what such data can do. We’re therefore very excited to see what the HackCamp will come up with.”

Our thanks to Francis and Nick for their vocal support. All the best to everyone at the hack camp today, Keep Calm and Hack On!

Apr 2011
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