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Here at LinkedGov HQ we are looking at the data to load to LinkedGov that will be useful and interesting for people.  This data can come from any public source as long as it has a Government Open License.

We are using a mind map to represent Government data so that we can guide our thoughts into the right areas.  This map is not yet complete and will continue to evolve over time.  To capture the richness and breadth required we would like input into the mind map from as many people as possible.  As everyone is inevitably a consumer of public services everyone is also a potential contributor to the mind map.  I hope that there are also a number of readers who are more expert in this area either through their professional world or as part of their wider interests who can provide some valuable input.  Remember that LinkedGov is covering all public data (not that we will get it all loaded initially!) from central and local government sources.

This is the mind map as it stands right now, we will update it as changes are made.

We want you to contribute, so please add comments on additions or changes that could be made to the mind map.

Left click and hold to move around the mind map, the toolbar at the bottom left allows for zoom, centering and collapse/expand of nodes

Update in response to @mardiGB tweet (Updated 17 Feb 2011, 10:30)

In order to see the map full screen then please use this link. Government Data

Please leave your suggested changes as comments below.

Feb 2011
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  2. I’m currently a law student, but my open source experience has me very interested in open law. The idea that citizens should have open access to rich, meaningful legal sources and analysis should be foundational in a democracy, when you think about it. Yet it can cost up to £9000 to get a full transcript of your own trial!
    We’ve got a long way to go until there are hovercams recording court proceedings from every angle (or even until the rest of the courts of the land catch up with the facilities on offer in the new Supreme Court) but in the meantime I think we can do better with what we’ve got now.
    BAILII is an amazing resource, but needs a 21st century upgrade (which I would like to get on to myself, if I can do so without my grades suffering). I think it should be added to the Departments > Justice arm of the mind map. I wonder what can be done to encourage more transcripts and recordings to be made available from courts automatically? A system like the one at for transcribing court audio would be fantastic.

  3. Jenny says:

    As a political commentator, I often now use which has some dross in it, but mostly is the only place I can get a full view of gov dept announcements in an orderly timely way in one place, alongside MP views and PM announcements.

    I know it is a mixed source (both OpenGov and external), but really it should be adopted by government, or brought in the fold, because it does aggregate data in a way that’s really helpful.


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