The marijuana plant contains more than 100 different chemicals called cannabinoids.

Each cannabinoid has unique pharmacological effects and functions in the body, so there’s a huge amount of information on these chemicals in the medical literature, if you happen to be looking for cbd seeds we highly suggest to do some research.

Medical marijuana dispensaries, known as “collectives,” can sell cannabis strains that have been tested for certain medical effects or effects on a particular person, but it’s not legal to buy them.

So, do people who smoke weed on a regular basis know how much THC they’re ingesting?

That depends on what strain they’re taking.

Dr. Ethan Russo of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, said it can depend on many different factors.

“As far as what cannabis strain you smoke is something that really does depend on what your goal is,” Russo told WGBH.

“Sometimes people are able to detect, I guess, that their marijuana potency has changed,” Russo said. “It’s kind of hard to quantify.”

The effects of a particular strain can vary in a variety of ways. “There are strains that have very high THC and very low CBD in the ratio of one to one,” Russo said. “They have very strong psychoactive effects, which may or may not be pleasurable. They have more than one cannabinoid.” But other strains have very low THC and very low CBD, which may be what you want. One of Russo’s colleagues, Dr. William Jaffe, a marijuana expert at the University of California-San Diego, told WIRED: “You should be able to make a judgment about the amount of marijuana you are getting, based on the specific strain.”

A lot of users may not be familiar with a particular strain.

Still, the science is pretty new. “A lot of people may not be familiar with a particular strain,” Russo said. And it may be different from what you might expect. He says people tend to be much more “high-strung” when they smoke weed, compared to alcohol, and the effects can be powerful enough to give a person a false sense of being buzzed. “Some people think the effects are pretty severe and you have to be worried,” he said. Russo noted that there’s also a stigma against smokers. “We know that in states that allow medical marijuana, rates of use are significantly higher than in states where medical marijuana is prohibited,” Russo said. “It is estimated that in Colorado, there are about 1 million medical marijuana patients and at least 6

Feb 2011
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  2. I’m currently a law student, but my open source experience has me very interested in open law. The idea that citizens should have open access to rich, meaningful legal sources and analysis should be foundational in a democracy, when you think about it. Yet it can cost up to £9000 to get a full transcript of your own trial!
    We’ve got a long way to go until there are hovercams recording court proceedings from every angle (or even until the rest of the courts of the land catch up with the facilities on offer in the new Supreme Court) but in the meantime I think we can do better with what we’ve got now.
    BAILII is an amazing resource, but needs a 21st century upgrade (which I would like to get on to myself, if I can do so without my grades suffering). I think it should be added to the Departments > Justice arm of the mind map. I wonder what can be done to encourage more transcripts and recordings to be made available from courts automatically? A system like the one at for transcribing court audio would be fantastic.

  3. Jenny says:

    As a political commentator, I often now use which has some dross in it, but mostly is the only place I can get a full view of gov dept announcements in an orderly timely way in one place, alongside MP views and PM announcements.

    I know it is a mixed source (both OpenGov and external), but really it should be adopted by government, or brought in the fold, because it does aggregate data in a way that’s really helpful.


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